Sunday, 28 June 2015

Confession of Tanu

2015. I had great expectations from this year when it was brand new. I had planned a lot and was waiting for them to turn into reality.  But 2015 had already planned something different for me I guess. It's June.. well almost the end of it, so half the year is gone and this half year just turned my life upside down.. well for Good :) Yes preliminary heart ache was there but I turned the pain into gold. I am doing what I always wanted to do, to study Fashion.  ♥

Ok, enough of heart to heart talk.  I shared it because I wanted to share the joy of doing something I'm really passionate about [and also to let you know why posts weren't frequent in this blog] . But now I am back for good. This post was planned just after the release of Tanu Weds Manu Returns,  the movie every one should watch.  Generally I don't like to force people about films but this is an exceptionally good movie. It is funny, modern in every sense. It deals with the concepts of love and relationships and of course human psychology.  Everyone is going gaga over Datto/Kusum (kangna's double role) & I get it why. Datto is the independent one, the logical one. I want to be more like her and gradually I am turning into a much more self dependent woman . But.. there is a big "BUT", Tanu is the girl close to my heart. Tanu is the girl who is emotional , who needs adrenaline rush, who needs validation (sometimes), who acts in the heat of emotion. She is an attractive person who loves new emotions. She is a big mess but still lovely. I loved her looks in the film. She is doll like but a doll with a soul.

#spoileralert : I was drawn in by the last look of Tanu when she goes to Manu and Dato's wedding . It is a bright orange look which is essentially a festive look. But she intentionally does that to show that she is just at the edge of breaking down yet she is still strong and hopeful.

                       Aren't they looking adorable together!? ♡

So I have tried to recreate this look.  To do so, I have used these things -

Well, this look can be recreated with any products. For the lips I would recommend L'Oréal Paris's Pure Fire (star collection) . It's the perfect orange.  When I created this look I didn't have that lipstick :'(

Yes, I know this look is not exactly the same,  it's more of an inspiration kinda look. Trust me I had tried to curl my poker straight hair which didn't even bother to obey.  For the outfits I went for red and pink shades ( availability issues). I'm wearing a mekhla (dress of Assam)  in a way no one wears it . Tried to give it a little north indian vibe.
Tell me if you like the look. I was literally blown away by the movie ... so went mad.
                                     Welcome to the madness :D

                  Hope to see you soon. Promise ♥
                                              Love ♡ 


  1. OMG....u look so gorgeous. I love love love the look u created. n I need to tk tips frm u to maintain that perfect hour glass figure u carry.


  2. Haha thank you soo much aditi. :) ♡ there is no tips as such. I just don't eat junk foods often :p

  3. Am sure if Kangana is reading this, she will be jealous of the reciprocal look ;)
    Nice post Somorita :)

  4. Am sure if Kangana is reading this, she will be jealous of the reciprocal look ;)
    Nice post Somorita :)

  5. Aww!! You look so pretty dear :)