Monday, 15 December 2014

Xmas peach makeup

Christmas is around the corner, as well as party season! My brothers are returning home, and we are planning a big crazy party already! Oh how can I forget, the wedding season is also in it's full form! So as I was playing with my makeup products, I created a look for this festive season for those who doesn't prefer red lips or bold eyes, or who just needs a change from the same look. I personally like the color peach, it's soo pretty and it gives a very angelic look! Plus you look younger too!

For face I have used Lakme's concealer, used newly bought Coloressence's Aqua Makeup Base (ivory), Coloressence's HD powder. Used a shiny peach colored blusher cum eyeshadow on the cheeks.
 Here are the new Coloressence products -

                                        Don't ask what Brand! But it works, as you can see ;)
On eyes and lips I have used Makeup Academy's (MUA) BooM. Applied the sparkling glossy lip gloss on the lids and used the matte lipstick on my lips.

For eye pencil i used my favorite Maybelline's Colossal Kajal & for lashes used a waterproof maskara from Oriflame. I kept the eyes very simple, used a little dark brown shadow from my Beauty UK palette on my lower lash line. And it's done! :)

             I have decided not to do my eyebrows unless I learn to do it properly! Otherwise it looks very unnatural.
                                                              And some more pics! 

Ok. Enough of me, Now just look at these pics, they are from this December's Cosmopolitan Issue (2014). Trust me I have come across them few days after doing this look. This look is not inspired by these photos. But of course I love the way it matched my look, loved the dresses and the background!!
Who else other than me have seen the movie called "Fear"? If yes, then remember the fair scene!! ;) Oh so hot, right?!

Be pretty and be confident. I feel beautiful when I'm loved. So be with the loved ones and enjoy this holiday / winter / life!! ;) All of it !
                                                                    Love  <3


  1. Your name is not written anywhere, but I would like to compliment on your beauty. You look gorgeous and the make-up is somehow pushing me forward to buy them, because I never use any kind of cosmetics. So I guess your blog is great to get started and get inspired. Thank you for sharing the info :)

    1. Hi Tara, I'm Somorita! Thank u soo much girl :) You can start with a good foundation, powder and blush. Start with minimum products and have fun! Playing with makeup is actually a fun thing to do! :D

  2. Wonderful make up look, you're so pretty!

  3. beautifully done makeup... liked your pictures.. you look gorgeous doll.. <3

    Merry Christmas.. :)

  4. Lovely look!!! I like your lipstick... ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. Love the make up, cud learn so much frm u.


  6. heya! Nice makeup look! I too have some coloressence product's in my stash! You look beautiful! :)

    1. Oh no, how did i miss your comment!!! thank you Dhashree!! What products do u have from coloressence ??