Sunday, 16 February 2014

Why you should follow your DREAMS !

1) If you don't follow your dreams ,No one else will follow it for YOU !
2) The chance of having regrets would be less.
3) You will be happy with your life.
4) And that happiness would make everything else perfect!
5) You will be more confident.
6) You may even become successful !! 
7) That means you will have money! 
8) Think about the shopping trips !!! :p
9) You have this one life to fulfill your dreams.
10) You should work for your dreams because you have the power  to make it possible !!!!

Trust me I have so many dreams of my own and  I really want all of them to come true!! I have read and heard people saying to write somewhere what you want to achieve! I have made a list for myself! I would suggest you guys to do the same. It's so funny to see all the things you desire in a page! After making the list you may think " Oh God! How stupid or childish are my wishes!!" But all the great ideas or innovations must have been  'stupid' or 'ridiculous' to some people! Think about the person who discovered electric light or telephone for example!! 
So make a list and keep it in a place where you can see it easily . Tick the thing after achieving it!! It may take long to tick a dream like " I want to be a fashion designer!" but it may not take long to tick " I want to go to Goa." or "I want to gain/lose 3 killos"! See the magic of ticking ! You will feel so great and motivated! I think motivation is the most important thing in our life! I wasn't giving time to my blog due to work pressure and laziness. In a sentence I was not feeling motivated. I watched a video in youtube and felt so much possetiv energy that i wanted to share what i felt to you through my blog! 
           Wish me strength :p And all the best to you :)
           May all our dreams come true !! :)
                                                        Love <3

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