Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Eastern Fashion Legacy

It was a fashion weekend. Not fashion week because it was on Saturday and Sunday (convenient ).
Ok, so what i have realized after watching the shows is
A. One shouldn't have too many drinks, or it'll be hard to register the later shows.
B. If u don't have a friend or group of friends to chat with in between the shows you may die in boredom.
The theme and purpose (?) of this EFL was to promote and encourage eastern Indian textiles and fashion as well as the fashion of it's neighboring countries, like bhutan, bangladesh etc.
The designers used khadi, ikkat, raw silk etcetra. The focus was on weaving and hand embroidery.
Bibi Russell, Abhishek Dutta, Sharbori Dutta, Agnimitra Paul, Chimmi Choden, Atsu Sekhose were among the Efl designers.

Sharbori Dutta's collection for traditional and modern men.

Atsu's charm worked.

EFL fashion weekend came to an end with Mona Pali's show. Though I didn't understand the significance of the towering hairstyle. 

Well, I really enjoyed the weekend. Here's a pic of my #OOTD  .

more about fashion coming soon. 
Wear Indian textiles. Explore. 

love <3


  1. We'll be finding out in a couple of weeks, but meanwhile, some are speculating that the 2016 Color of the Year will be quite a bit... cooler. More about the author

    1. Yes i know, but as indian fashion mostly revolves around it's festivals, so its always a little brighter 😊

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