Thursday, 12 November 2015

October Favourites : Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and More

Can you believe there are only two more months to go and 2016 will come!! Well I kinda enjoying my life at this point and thought of sharing what I was loving past month (still loving) with you guys. I'm a person who loves different things at the same time.  And when I really love something I get engrossed with it, whether its a beauty product or a song, or a piece of cloth or jewellery. October has a big list of favourites so I'll try to keep it as short as possible.  Ready,  steady , GO !!

1. October was this year's festive season so I wore sarees . This white saree is the one which got most instalikes and fb comments,  people really loved it and wanted to know from where I have bought it. Well it's a gift from my Ma. And I really love this saree.  Generally I don't like to repeat the same saree but I will definitely wear it again with a different blouse maybe. It's really lite and comfortable.

2. Specially for the festive season I had bought few beauty products but the Derma colour camouflage cream and Colorshow Creamy Matte lipstick's Rock the Coral just stole my heart.  I almost use them daily.  I have used both the products in two looks Here and Here . If you already follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you probably know how I was raving about these two.

3. Nails!! I really wanted to get those acrylic nails but chicked out at the last moment (thinking it will ruin my nails bla bla bla..). So instead of spending 2k on nails I painted them at home. It's not a professional looking finish I admit but I have been sporting this glittery french manicure all Puja. So it makes a place in the favourite list.

4. I have no clue when I'll do the post.  But I have been wearing this karachi kurta like a runaway woman who has like only few things to wear. I just love how it fits me, its comfy, colourful and on trend as well. I have bought it from Snapdeal.  The brand is called Vishudh, it has really nice ethnic collections.  I will definitely buy more from the brand. But their clothes shrink a little bit.  Both of the kurtis shrinked. So its better not to buy body hugging things, I didn't have a problem as I bought one size bigger than my actual size. But other than this issue I'm loving it.

5. October ended with a surprise. I went to The India Story, an exhibition and sale, I should say it was a fair of designer things, from clothes to interiors. I went on the opening day, and experienced an energetic fashion show as well. It was a great experience to see almost all the important people from Kolkata's fashion industry,  specifically designers who are working on indian textiles. They are establishing the indianness in Indian Designs. I will do a full post on this asap. For now enjoy few pics.

6. Well its already getting colder. So I will now use different products for my skin as my skin gets really dry in the winters. I have used this Fabindia Aloe Vera and cucumber pack only once and loved how hydrating it was, made my skin super soft and glowing. It's definitely going to be used several times this winter. :)

7. As it's getting colder I must now confess the the huge crush on this hottie. Yes I was fangirling like a teenager.  I never ever thought I will like someone covered with tattoos.  I guess it's his songs and the lyrics. Sometimes I just want to dance with the tune sometimes I get emotional. Leaving California is one of my favourite songs of Adam Levine ♡
"Even if the sun crushes into us, I won't let go, I won't let go,
I be the light stay with me tonight, I won't let go, I won't let go.."

                     Lol, this is a proof of my fangirling phase.  :p

8. Last but not least,  rangoli is another favourite thing. Well , I have learnt it in the 1st week of November but still I'm giving it a place in the list just to show off my rangoli skills ;) Other than that I'm loving all the songs of Tamasha (staring Ranbir Kapoor and Dipika Padukone) which will release at the end of November.  Can't wait!!!

That's it for now :) Tell me some of your favourite things, I love trying and experiencing new things so I am waiting for your comments.  And if you are in Instagram , follow me there. I'm there as styledoscopeblog . I would love to follow you back because there are some of you who are not bloggers so I don't have any way to know about you. Instagram is cool. Plus I love pictures more than words.

                                          Hope to see you soon :)
                               ♡♥♡♥ love & God bless ♡♥♡♥