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Indieblogger meet in BergerXP style

Every 'first' thing in life has its own charm : first day at school, first love, first heart break, first blog post, 1st comment , 1st follower .. And finally The first ever Bloggers Meet of my life!!!!  Oh what a bliss!

Indieblogger and Berger Paints organized
 this meet in kolkata . Indiebloggers came 
back to the city of joy after 4 years!!!!!!
 Can u believe!! 4 years ago i didn't 
even know what the hell blogging is! 
But this time didn't miss the 
chance to move  my butt to the
 event which was happening in The Oberoi 
Grand (lovely place. Old school 
classic beauty. Truely Royal).
Well though I'm a bit lazy but i never 
Ever take dressing up lazily! Dressing
 up is a motivation for 
everything yaar. I selected this dress
 the day i registered
 for the meet. Its from 109°F
 (got it on sale 50% 0ff. Haha) ,  
bag is from Forever New,
 shoes are from solovoga..
Will talk about the makeup in some other post. 
 Ok enough of #OOTD ,
 lets come right inside the
 conference room of Oberoi Grand.
As it was my first meet and 
I literally didn't know anyone, 
so was feeling like a little girl 
going to school for the first time.
 But it wasn't that awkward. 
There were many newbie bloggers like me..
 The oldbies were very nice to everyone too!!
 Met some wonderful people
 like Shampita from 'The Rainbow Lady',
 Kashish from 'Mehkashi',
 Somdyuti from 'one tiny wish', 
Arnaba from 'Scribblerarnaba', 
Kirti from 'The Calcutta Girl', Purba 
from 'Love,Laugh and Reflect' , 
Panchali from 'Panchali Bolchhi', and so on....

(Left to right) me, Somdyuti, Kashish, Shampita, Arnaba

                                                 With Kirti and Purba (L to R)

                                                              It's    'Bloggerfull'  ;)

                                                                     The stage is all set 

After some cha (tea) and coffee the main event started. 
After a small introduction
 they showed the best pictures which the bloggers tweeted 
using #BergerXP .
 The theme was : culture of Kolkata. And they announced
 the 2nd runners up : 
Somorita! Yess it's me! Got a prize from Berger.
 It's a dual portable charger of
 Microsoft (so thoughtful guys. Thanks).

                              Receiving prize.

Then Berger paints gave a little presentation
 on their Express Painting.
 I guess you have seen the ads already.
 I was amused to see how easy and hassle free 
they have made painting a room.
 I have always been a fan of their colour schemes and 
textures but now i became a bigger fan of
 their Express Painting technique. 
(Planning to paint my room in pretty colours. 
Then i'll start a YouTube channel. 
One needs pretty backgrounds for the videos, right?). 
They also show us demos 
of the techniques. Trust me you can wear your
 prettiest dress and paint the walls
 and not a single  drop of paint will be on the dress!

                     The techniques and demos of Berger Express Painting

The 2nd round of the meet was fun activities.
 1st we had to form groups of 7/8 bloggers.
 Our group name was Blogger Arty.
 We were competing with team Flash in the task
 of smoothing a surface with sandpaper.

 It was madness!! Just look how they r looking Haha!
 We completed the task in 34 seconds. Pretty cool ;)

                                  Haha . Playing doctor-doctor :p

                  Team Flash.
Working in full speed :D
                                                             Our job well done :)
                                                   Our team Blogger Arty :)

                                                                                       Another team working hard.
Then we had to think about a social cause 
and paint a picture in 30 minutes.
 Our topic was :a cleaner city is a better city 
(actually we wanted to paint bright 
coloured houses :p). Again rush ,rush , rush. 
Someone is painting another one
 holding the pot of berger paint, someone
 else is rubbing the brushes clean and
 some of us are clicking pics too!!! At first
 I was like "we have a lot of time" and 
at the end I was like "Come on guys!!!! 
We arre running out time!". Thankfully we
 had Shampita (of The Rainbow Lady blog ) 
who is such a good painter that we
 didn't have to worry much. Later I realised
 that the task required a great team 
spirit and coordination which all the bloggers 
showed really well. All the other
 groups also chose great subjects to paint - 
from girl child murders to domestic 
violence, from religious peace to equality,. 
All the relevant topics were there painted
 by the bloggers of kolkata.  After 30 minutes 
we had to explain our paintings and 
it was great to hear each other and appreciate 
their thought processes.
At the end of the event there were a lot of prizes 
given to various bloggers for
 funny and thought provoking tweets and pictures. 
Our own Kashish from Mehkashi 
Won a prize for a tweet :) hi girl!! Then they 
announced the winners of the painting competition. 
Blogger Arty won the 2nd prize!! Yeeeeee  *happy dance*
Another team won the 1st prize. Congratulations to them .. 
Really well deserved :)

                                                                                                             Berger Paints

                                                                            The winning Painting

Finally it was the time for group photos 
, last minute selfies and hugging good bye 
but wishing to meet again and again..
Oh the dinner was superb as well. 
And we got goodiebags from Berger.
I will always remember this meet 
 not only because its my First but also 
because it was soo much Fun!! 
And i could meet so many bloggers with
 different intrests, unique stories 
and blogging tips ;)
I wish Indiblogger comes again to this
 city of joy . I know this wish will 
come true sooner or later. :)

                                                                              The goodiebag and two prizes :)

 I hope you love this post. If you are not a blogger yet
 then think about starting a blog.
  It can be anything you like. We need
 more bloggers.  And I want to meet
 more new bloggers.
  Love, hugs and best wishes ♡♥♡ 

                                   A little crush on this t-shirt ;)


  1. Sorry readers, I know this blog post is looking like a poem but it's not even near one. It's just because I totally messed up with the fonts or something.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Hi Somorita..thanks for this awesome post..I really liked the poem structure..blown away :) i have a question do u call ure blog sty-lay-doscope or style-doscope?

    2. Thank u :)
      Style+ kaleidoscope = Styledoscope. I hope this helps :)

  4. Surely it was a wonderful event... really loved every moment of it. Your blog caught all the details perfectly.

    1. Thank u for stopping by Subhodip :) yes it was an experience to remember forever !

  5. Nice vivid description compiled in one.... Witness the event through the blog nd u look truly amazing.... Miss picture perfect 👌

  6. Nice vivid description compiled in one.... Witness the event through the blog nd u look truly amazing.... Miss picture perfect 👌

  7. I can see how much fun you had... You are looking very pretty dear. :-)

  8. hello Somorita!! it was a great experience for me too. really glad that we meet so many new people.. it was pleasure meeting you.. about this blogs,, its awesome.. as awesome as the event was..

  9. hello Somorita!! it was a great experience for me too. really glad that we meet so many new people.. it was pleasure meeting you.. about this blogs,, its awesome.. as awesome as the event was..

  10. really lost till the end of the post...looks fun and awesome :)


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