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Summer Top DIY & OOTD

Back to back DIYs!! Yes, i am feeling a little crafty lately. This tutorial is comparatively a lot easier than the previous Palazzo pant DIY. This tutorial will need minimum sewing skills.
Take material according to your body and hight. And follow the drawing below.

1 and 2 are pretty simple to understand. In picture 3, you have draw the lines first based on your bust and waist measurements. If it's not a stretchable material then make sue to add few inches more with the measurements and then mark where you want to sew. Leave spaces for your arms too.
Wile cutting the neckline make it a point to cut it 1inch smaller. Because when you will hem it, the neckline will increase.
For my top I embroidered around the neck. Embroidery is absolutely optional.

If you are not that good with measurements then simply put a top wich fits you (not body hugging though) on the folded material (after pic 1). Simply draw the lines you need for sewing. Don't forget to leave space for your arms!! After the sewing and hemming is done, get ready to flaunt your summer spacial top to the world ;)

I styled my top with a bleached jeans and accessorized it with a printed leather bag and straw flats. Kept the look very casual. You can also wear shorts with this kind of tops.

I hope you like this look and the simple DIY. Now I guess you can make a top yourself. Shake off that laziness and indulge in creativity!! :)
                Hope to see you soon
                                Love <3

P.s- the jeans I'm wearing is also a DIY project.. If you want to know how to get that effect comment and let me know :)


  1. wow.....loved how simply you have explained it :-)
    loved the top...

  2. Hey U look soooo sexy in it...Nice DIY..I might try it :)


  3. awesome DIY top..i would love to know the jeans DIY effect as well :)

  4. I love your bag. The pattern of the bag is amazing.


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