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Beautiful Bride : Meet Raka

This girl is a diva, (no I'm not just praising her ) she actually won a Beauty pageant,  where I was her fellow contestant. There are few people who are so gorgeous and down to earth like her.  Girls, meet Raka, the the Real Beautiful Bengali Bride. 

Raka is a friend of mine from those beauty pagent days. And when she got married to her high school sweetheart ( isn't it soo cute and exciting) I had decided to feature her here in the blog. Because I love her and because we all love everything related to weddings, brides, shopping... :D
So here is a small interview of Raka where she answered all my questions related to her wedding.

Me : so, tell us the story. How did you two meet?

Raka : I met koustuv through a common friend....I remember I quarelled with him on the first day....later we became friends...he never proposed me officially..:P

Me : Haha, really?! Well, where did you buy your sarees from? 

Raka : I bought all my attires from different shops...for exmple.. I bought my saree for marriage ceremony from Adimohinimohan Kanjilal (Kolkata) ...from Anand i bought my saree for reception. Then I bought sarees from Tolaram..but most of my sarees are from Anand
and... I haddecided what to wear,from where should I buy etc right from the day my marriage was fixed :D Afterall I was excited! 

Me : Who were your makeup artists?

Raka : For marriage day Sarmili  halder did my makeup and for reception I booked Nanda.

Me : Who was your photographer in your wedding? 

Raka : My uncle knew some photographers from Kolkata tv personally. So they only covered my full wedding.

Me : where did you buy your jewelleries from? And who chose them?

Raka : Jewelleries were from p.c chandra and Anjali jewellers. Well my mom, granny and i  chose all my jeweleries . And my hubby chose the special diamond ring which he gave me :)

Me :  That's great! Please share some tips for all the brides to be :)

Raka : Well what will I say? After all I am only a new bride :D But still firstly  i wanna tell all brides to take care of themselves. Make a routine for what to do and what not to do. Take care of your skin hair and body. Do exercises if you have to shed extra kilos :p You have to drink lots of water & vegies if you want to glow on your wedding day..start doing facials and body messages....take some hairspa. :)

Me: Thank you so much Raka for sharing these wise words with us. I hope the brides to be are taking notes . And thank you again for all the pretty pictures :) 

                                           Getting ready .

                           Raka in her reception with hubby :)

Isn't she looking stunning! I hope you loved reading this post. I really enjoyed writing it :) If you wish to see more post like this then comment and let me know.  Plus if you are a bride and want to get featured here, then feel free to contact me :)

[All these photographs are Raka's. Do not use them without her consent.  Thank you.]

                                        See you soon & lots of Love <3 


  1. So so soooo prettyy! love all the pictures, she looks stunning, btw dear you have a lovely blog :) thanks for checking out mine, I do have a jewellery line, the link is on my blog

    1. Thank u so much sweets :) i love ur blog too :)

  2. She is so stunning and beautiful.

    1. That she is :) thanks for stopping by :))

  3. Ohh wow! She is truly a diva! I looked up at each of her pictures for so long. How sharp and precise feature she has! Although makeup played its role but she is a natural beauty! Loved going through the pictures! ♥ Thanks for sharing somorita, should I say senorita?? ;)

    1. Haha whatever u wish to ;) and yes she is stunning even without makeup :) and thank u soo much for stopping by :))

  4. She is angelic !
    Great post !

  5. She is beautiful, I've seen her before with u. In this pics she is looking just gorgeous...
    And of course a nice post!
    new post

  6. That's like straight out of a fairy tale!!


  7. Love, love your blog so much :) mine is

  8. beautiful bride she is..Congratulations to Meet..


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