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My Interview in Smart Indian Women

Helloo beauties and handsome fellows (i don't know if men read my posts or not. Still.)
I know I have been a very bad blogger this month but it's just because of stupid exams that I'm having :( I promise I have plenty of amazing posts in store for you. Those who follow me on Instagram can easily guess what would be the next series of posts!!

Anyway! I have a good news for you all. There is a blog called SMART INDIAN WOMEN and they took an interview of me few days ago. It's now up on their blog. If you guys are intrested then go here for my first ever interview! Yeeee!! :) :p

            Thank you guys
See you very soon with haul posts and a special series of posts. Ok , here's a little sneek peak for you ;)

                                     Love <3

Beautiful Bride : Meet Raka

This girl is a diva, (no I'm not just praising her ) she actually won a Beauty pageant,  where I was her fellow contestant. There are few people who are so gorgeous and down to earth like her.  Girls, meet Raka, the the Real Beautiful Bengali Bride.