Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Xmas Light Decoration Tutorial (DIY)

I think everyone is decorating their homes with lights now. Even if you don't celebrate Xmas, you can always give your room a little sparkle anyway! Because its winter and these lights can make a room bright and warm.
So, just lets get into the tutorial.

The things you will need for this are-
1. plastic glasses
2. transparent glue
3. scissor 
4. glitters
5. string lights/ tuni bulbs (its not in this pic) : costs20-50 INR

Step 1:

Cut the cup in half. You may not cut it but I wanted to make a little design. like this -

Step 2:
 now make a hole with anything sharp. The hole is necessory to push the bulb in.

Step 3:
Apply glue inside the glass. You can use brush to give it a nice cover but I wanted a little messy look, so I just used glue directly from the tube. [ I wanted a clear glue but they gave me a little tinted glue]

Step 4:
 Now put glitters inside the glass. Don't touch it. Dry it for a while.

Step 5:

Now hang them :)

                                                  This is how it looks in the day time.

                                                                    And at night.

This is how it looks :) It is very easy to do and not at all time consuming! It took me an hour or so to finish the whole thing.

                                                     I hope you guys like this DIY! :)
                                                                    Love u all

                                                                    Merry Xmas !!!


  1. Such a cool DIY !
    Thanks for sharing ..

  2. Thanks for checking it out. Means so much! Thanks girl ♡

  3. This is awesome. Creativity at its best. Thanks for sharing with readers. :)