Thursday, 14 August 2014

Blunders Bengali Brides Make

I am a girl who is crazy about weddings and everything related to it. So naturally I love bridal wears and makeup. But this is a post in which I want to talk about the things I do not like about a bride, and according to me these are the worst blunders a bengali bride could make! If you are a bride to be, take notes !

1) Too much of painting in the forehead :

Pictures speak more than words! The MUAs made these unfortunate foreheads their canvas. Please brides give a little thought on the design ! (And the eye makeup of the second bride shouts "vamp")

2) Horrible drape and fittings :

If you are going to get married once then why dont you go to a great tailor to make the blouse! Loose fitted blouse is such a turn off . The draping of the saree is equally important, if its not draped properly someone like me may feel the need to drape it for the bride!! Just imagine the embarrassment !

3) When "Mukut" goes wrong :

You dont want a whole garden on your head right? Neither you want the mukut to be as large as your face! Dear Brides, you may not be tall, it's okay ! Please don't add inches on your head!

These are few mistakes I find annoying . Can you add more to the list? Then comment and let me know! :)

                                      Thanks for reading :)
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P.S : this post is not written to hurt anyone but to help other brides-to-be. It's always wise to learn from others mistakes, right?!


  1. Oh! i hate bad makeup ! and also the saree has to be of a color hat compliments the skin tone of the bride !

    1. Ya me too. I just dont understand why people dont give much thought, time and proper planning on their bridal looks!!

  2. All things bride..aww!! great post. Good to see bengali brides pictures :)

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  3. Thank u Urvashi ♡ and I have read your post, I really like to read your wedding diary posts as im extremely passionate about weddings and everything related to it :D

  4. Bookmarked for the future! :) Lovin' this blog!

  5. Wow amazing blog about saree Thanks you so much