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Xmas Light Decoration Tutorial (DIY)

I think everyone is decorating their homes with lights now. Even if you don't celebrate Xmas, you can always give your room a little sparkle anyway! Because its winter and these lights can make a room bright and warm.
So, just lets get into the tutorial.

The things you will need for this are-
1. plastic glasses
2. transparent glue
3. scissor 
4. glitters
5. string lights/ tuni bulbs (its not in this pic) : costs20-50 INR

Blunders Bengali Brides Make

I am a girl who is crazy about weddings and everything related to it. So naturally I love bridal wears and makeup. But this is a post in which I want to talk about the things I do not like about a bride, and according to me these are the worst blunders a bengali bride could make! If you are a bride to be, take notes !

1) Too much of painting in the forehead :

Pictures speak more than words! The MUAs made these unfortunate foreheads their canvas. Please brides give a little thought on the design ! (And the eye makeup of the second bride shouts "vamp")

Why you should follow your DREAMS !

1) If you don't follow your dreams ,No one else will follow it for YOU !
2) The chance of having regrets would be less.
3) You will be happy with your life.
4) And that happiness would make everything else perfect!
5) You will be more confident.
6) You may even become successful !! 
7) That means you will have money! 
8) Think about the shopping trips !!! :p
9) You have this one life to fulfill your dreams.
10) You should work for your dreams because you have the power  to make it possible !!!!

A Little Flower Decoration

Happy New Year to all of you out there!! :) Have a fantastic year ahead. I was really happy on the 1st day of January and I have found a new hobby!  Here's some pics of my latest favorite hobby.....